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Happy International Nurses Day!

To make it even more special, we have made all the learning activities on the website accessible to you, along with all necessary CPD documentation, completely FREE until May 30.

By using our learning resources during this free trial period your feedback will help us continue to refine and improve the educational materials and better understand what your professional needs are. Just give us your feedback as you use the various learning modules.

Why create Healthed for Nurses?

We’ve had many many requests from Nurses and Midwives who want to access Healthed’s famously high quality information and speakers but who have not been able to get to our face to face events due to distance, work and family commitments or budgetary constraints. So for the past few years we have been exploring how best to do this in a way that is convenient and cost effective for you without sacrificing quality. Healthed for Nurses is the solution!

What’s different about Healthed for Nurses compared to Healthed?

  1. It will feature a mix of content taken from our Healthed seminars that are already very popular with Nurses and Midwives and make it available on demand
  2. It will also feature lectures and other learning activities specifically designed for Nurses and Midwives
  3. All learning activities will earn CPD that can be used to satisfy NMBA compulsory annual CPD requirements
  4. All CPD done on this website will be specifically documented and certified for you to keep as either an electronic or hardcopy record
  5. You can even use the CPD documentation tool to document CPD activities done elsewhere but for which you need help documenting
  6. Educational content that is taken from Healthed is carefully selected to ensure that it is relevant to Nurses and Midwives

Will it always be free?

No. Free and full access to ALL the learning activities will end on May 30. After that time the website will charge a modest subscription fee for use. We aim to keep this subscription fee very competitive and with your support we will be able to reach enough subscribers to keep prices down.

Are there any parts of the Healthed for Nurses that will be free to access AFTER May 30?

Yes. We intend to make the CPD documentation tool and our webcasts always free to access. With your support we will be able to do this!

International Nurse Day Special

Free courses from May 12 to May 30 inclusive

To celebrate International Nurse Day, and the launch of our website, many of our learning resources are available for you to use as much as you wish.

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